Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The most beautiful Finnish summer sauna

The readers of the, an online version of the Finnish tabloid newspaper Iltalehti, have voted the most beautiful summer sauna for the year 2012.

The most voted sauna is a small self built "smoke sauna", without running water, plumbing, chimney or electricity. The sauna is so small, that there is no place or space for washing yourself, so the users of the sauna must wash themselves in the nearby lake.

The sauna is located in a small village of Kuukasjärvi (130 inhabitants).


Näytä suurempi kartta

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The North demands and gives

Living in the north requires toughness and somewhat hard-bitten nature, even from plants. This commercial is created for the chocolate manufacturer Fazer, advertising its chocolate with cowberries in it.

The cowberries need to survive from the long winters and short and cold summers of the north. Still it is able to produce tasty berries that have been an important part of the Nordic food culture, since right after the ice age had ended and first people moved into the forests of the Nordic countries.

"The North demands and gives."


Monday, October 8, 2012

Tough as life - Finnish bread commercial

The living in Finland is tough, or at least it used to be. This bread commercial has references to the already past lifestyle, which was full of work, very modest and mirthless.

The boy in the commercial tries to cut the hard bread made out of rye with his knife (Finnish knife called 'puukko'), but fails. The boy even cuts his finger with the knife, but the rugged dad just glances at his son and asks "Well, are you hungry or not?"

The rye bread is popular bread in Finland, and Finns are always surprised (and amused) how little people in other countries use rye when baking their breads. The rye bread can be dried when it becomes crispbread style bread, and it can be stored for months. This was a great help during the long Finnish winters, when there was only little food available.

Rye bread -
Oululainen -