Friday, September 13, 2013

Funny slow motion advertisement

This is a television advertisement for Finnish "seven eleven" type of convenience store, Siwa.

What the man says, freely translated:
 "Uhh... Trip to the grocery store. Perfect opening hours. 2000 most loved products in Finland. Gorgeous snack bites. Beautiful parcel services. Stunning customers. Dazzling staff... and perfect atmosphere. Oh yeah... Siwa - that slightly superior grocery store. "

Aarre magazine

Here is the TV spot for the Aarre magazine.

Embedding is disabled, so here is the link:

When I saw the ad first time, I was really interested in the product it was about to sell. I was expecting the product to be some kind of food or perhaps some cleaning agent. To my surprise, it was an advertisement for a magazine, and the magazine is about forests!

The Aarre magazine covers wide range of topics from the leisure use of the forests to the business benefits. The Finnish word "aarre" means "treasure" in English.

You should know that Finland is covered with forests: the forests cover at least 70% of the land.  Finland's forests cover larger area than the whole country of Italy or the United Kingdom. One out of five Finnish citizens owns at least some area of forest. When divided for the people, Finland, along with the neighbor country Sweden, have the largest forests in Europe.

Aarre magazine
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