Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Finnish cuisine - karjalanpiirakka

Karelian pasties, or Karelian pies, are as Finnish food as you can get. The pie is originated from the Karelian region, but nowadays the pies are eaten everywhere in Finland. The pie even has the status of "Traditional Speciality Guaranteed" in Europe.

Nowadays the pie has most commonly rice porridge filling with a rye crust. The other popular filling is mashed potato, but it can be also barley or buckwheat (which are rare). The crust can be also something else than rye, often wheat or rarely buckwheat.

You can buy the pies from a grocery store, but those pies are often factory made. You can get better Karelian pies if you buy them from a bakery, but then they are much more expensive.

It is also possible to make the pies yourself, really, they are not that hard to make, but surprisingly baking your own Karelian pies is not common. But if you take the time to bake the pies yourself, I can guarantee they taste better than any pie you can buy from a store or a bakery.

The first videos shows the steps _really_ quickly, but the second one has more slower and more traditional approach. In the latter video, you can also have a peek to a traditional Finnish home. :)

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The most watched Finn in YouTube - Beatboxer Felix Zenger

The most watched Finn in YouTube is without no doubt talented beatboxer Felix Zenger.

Today (in January 2013) the most watched Zenger's video has over 35 million views.

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