Saturday, March 15, 2014

Talented Finnish YouTube personality

Have you seen the video where a Finnish girl talks different languages, but the words are gibberish? Well I have embedded it here for your convenience.

The girl in the video is extremely talented (and pretty) Sara, who became an internet celebrity in only few days. Her video (embedded in this post) gathered 1 million views in one day only, and just after three days the video had over 3 million views. Currently the number of views is 8,803,519 and rising...

Sara works as a cashier in a small town supermarket and is totally overwhelmed from the sudden attention she has got. She has been contacted from all over the world and she has received job offers, interview requests (for example Ellen DeGeneres has been shown some interest) etc. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has posted about her video in his Facebook wall. She has also already appeared in Finnish TV, just 10 days after her video went viral.

Check out also her other videos!


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